Oilfield Investor Workbook


Oilfield Investor Workbook

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We’re changing the game of oilfield forecasting

Our newest product, the Spears Oilfield Investor Workbook, uses a proprietary forecasting algorithm to project quarterly revenues for your choice of up to 32 oilfield product and service lines and over 150 companies.

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The first customizable market forecasting workbook for the oilfield and its investors

For the first time, you get to control the key variable in the market outlook – the future oil price. And, you can select which product lines and companies to evaluate in a straightforward, easy-to-use manner.


Plan scenarios, build cases, and make smart decisions

By allowing custom user inputs, this is the ultimate investor workbook. Build best-case and worst-case market scenarios before making critical buy and sell decisions.

Oilfield professionals will also want the workbook to plan spending, view competitors, and anticipate what will happen in their markets and the surrounding landscape as oil prices cycle.

The product allows you to:

  • Input your own assumptions about oil prices by quarter

  • Select the companies or market segments of interest for analysis

  • Compare your forecasts to the Spears base case projections

  • Track and forecast the quarterly revenue of public oilfield service companies by product line

  • Track and forecast the quarterly revenue of market segments by company


Our algorithm, your oil price assumptions

The workbook is linked to the research behind our proprietary drilling forecast (Drilling and Production Outlook report) and market share/market size database (Oilfield Market Report). To compile this information we analyze over 500 oilfield companies by product line by quarter, looking at over 17,000 unique data points each year.

Now you can input your own oil price assumptions to identify the revenue impact by product line and company.


Constantly updated with the latest historical data and forecast models

The Oilfield Investor Workbook is available as an annual subscription. With a subscription, you have constant access to the latest version of the Workbook which we update continually with the most recent historical data and algorithms.

Updates are emailed to you as they are released.


Our years of experience, at your fingertips

We update our traditional reports each quarter; now, the Workbook allows you to test the impact of oil price movement on a real-time basis.