The Drilldown

Richard & John Spears answer your questions and discuss the oilfield services business. The Spears brothers have a combined 75+ years as leading industry experts and are prized speakers for events all across the globe. The Drilldown will visit all topics in the oilfield services and equipment and discuss industry current events. 

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Episode 25

What Can the Oilfield Learn from the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders?

While a wellsite and a football sideline might seem to be quite different, in this podcast we compare the skills each needs in terms of planning, focus and teamwork to get the job done right. 

Episode 24

How are key acquisitions impacting the market?

This episode, we talk about the artificial lift market and evaluate technology trends in this sector. Who are the leading players? How much of the market is associated with rod-lift systems? Also how some key acquisitions are impacting the market.

Episode 23

What is in short supply this summer of '17? 

In this episode we identify some of the important shortages that have emerged as US drilling activity has more than doubled over the past year and discuss why these bottlenecks have occurred and how they are impacting project timing.

Episode 22

Frac Service Revenues: Days of Future Passed?

In this podcast, we discuss why the revenues of frac service firms continue to lag behind earlier levels, even though physical measures of US frac activity (i.e., stage count, proppant volume) are poised to exceed the 2014 peak.

Episode 20

How much drilling happens at $45 oil?

In this podcast, we discuss the short term outlook for oil prices and US drilling, the most important factors impacting activity going forward, and questions regarding resources and ramp up for producers.

Episode 19

Technology Adoption in the Drilling Industry

This episode is a primer for future discussions about new technology in the oil and gas business. Richard & John discuss the factors that determine technology adoption and the industry's history, particularly with regards to rotary steerable technology. Produced by Charlie Spears.


Episode 12

We don't care about efficiency and neither should you.

Counterintuitively, the most important factor for we well these days is not drilling efficiency but rather, recovery rate. We have to get pretty detailed on this one, so strap in and listen to John's breakdown of why this is. Also, we've got something for all those Metallica fans out there!


Episode 11

A bbl of monkeys!

12 Questions in 17 minutes! This week we address the gamut of questions asked us over the weekend. Topics include: New vs old wells, Drilling Fluids Profitability, "Pressure Pumping" vs "Fracking", Rotary Steerable Directional Drilling, "TD", and more! Also, John gives a fascinating & unexpected answer to where the abbreviation "bbls" comes from - it's not what you'd expect!


Episode 10

How much proppant do we use these days?

Richard & John talk proppant. Where the market is growing, the size of that market, and how the sand gets to market. Unit trains and minor league soccer also discussed! John also impresses us with some quick mental math.


Episode 9

What is OneSTIM & is it a game-changer?

Everyone's talking about OneSTIM. The Spears evaluate horsepower, downhole tools, competition, and the relationship between Schlumberger & Weatherford. Richard & John both come to the same conclusion this week!


Episode 8

How did Q1 2017 perform?

Richard & John discuss what the first quarter of 2017 will look like. Land is recovering, offshore still down. 


Episode 7

The Rising Cost of Failure

Multiple pad drilling + longer laterals mean the stakes are rising. Failure comes with an increasing cost and is changing how operators work with contractors. Richard & John dive deep into the psychology of "operator incentive" and how contractors will be responding as wells get bigger. Episode sponsored by Oilfield Logix. 


Episode 6

How much water does the oil & gas industry use?

We talk volume, method, and outlook for various sectors of the oilfield equipment and services water business. ~95% of water is used in the completion, fracking process and only ~5% on the drilling side. Episode sponsored by Oilfield Logix.


Episode 5

Longer laterals

Horizontal wells laterals are getting longer across the U.S. Why is that? What do the next few years look like? Richard & John talk about the history of horizontal drilling in the U.S. and the significance of the changing market in 2017. Sponsored by Oilfield Logix, an well construction data mining company.


Episode 4

What is oilfield inflation & how fast is it growing?

Richard & John discuss price inflation of oilfield services and equipment. What affects the cost of drilling? How do we measure it? What can we expect in 2017?


Episode 3

The Permian Basin

The Spears discuss outlook for the Permian, an exciting play in a boring part of Texas. Richard has a novel way to measure the state of the market and John gets a perfect score on the "lightning round".


Episode 2

How big is the frac market & what does the future hold?

Richard & John discuss the hydraulic fracturing market in North America. How big is it? How do we measure it? What does the next 24 months look like for domestic fracking?


Episode 1

What Is A Drilling Rig & How Do We Forecast Drilling Activity?

Richard & John Spears answer your questions about the oilfield services market. This episode we discuss drilling rigs & drilling activity.