After falling sharply from its peak in 2014, the $8 billion (2016) global artificial lift market has begun to rebound in response to the recovery in US drilling activity.  At the same time, competition within the sector is evolving as firms position themselves to respond to the acquisition of Baker Hughes by GE and the purchase of Summit ESP by Halliburton. We project that use of “big data” analytics to optimize production operations may also impact the artificial lift aftermarket parts and services market going forward.

The Artificial Lift Market Report is a quarterly report that tracks and forecasts the global artificial lift market, focusing on commercial, technical and activity trends within the sector. Information in the report includes:

  • Market size ($) and growth by segment
  • Trends in operators’ artificial lift practices
  • Revenues and market share by company, 2006-2016

The report is a useful planning tool for operators, oilfield service firms, OEMs and investors.