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US Water Management

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Vast amounts of water are handled during drilling, completion, and production operations. In the US in 2016 over 3.2 billion barrels was sourced for use in drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations, while about 650 million barrels was recovered during flowback operations, over 625 million barrels was treated prior to reuse or disposal, and over 9.8 billion barrels of produced water was disposed of.

The $17 billion (2016) US water management market includes several services provided to operators during drilling, completion and/or production operations: water acquisition, transport, transfer, storage, flowback services, treatment, and disposal.

Demand for water management services associated with the acquisition, transfer, transport, storage, treatment, testing, and disposal of water used for drilling fluids and frac fluids is driven by: (1) overall drilling activity, (2) an increase in proportion of drilling activity associated with horizontal drilling, (3) an increase in the intensity (number, size) of frac jobs, and (4) regulatory and technological change. Because it is linked to the drilling cycle, demand for drilling-related water management services can be volatile. In contrast, demand for water management services associated with saltwater (or “formation water”) disposal is primarily driven by the production of oil and gas. Demand for production-related water management services is very stable, providing a base load of business for water management firms.

US water management market growth is projected to accelerate over the near term in response to increased US horizontal drilling activity, increased per-well frac job size, and increased recycling/treatment activity.

The US Water Management Market report covers the following topics:

  • US market drivers to 2022
  • Oil and gas demand (consumption, exports)
  • Oil and gas supply (production, imports)
  • Oil and gas prices
  • Drilling activity (rigs, wells) by region to 2022
  • Market size ($, barrels) and growth to 2022 by region by segment
  • Acquisition
  • Transport
  • Transfer
  • Storage
  • Flowback
  • Treatment
  • Disposal
  • Trends in operators’ water management practices
  • Recycling
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Interest in turnkey services
  • Regulatory change

Technological threats Profile of leading US water management service firms

The US Water Management report is available as immediate digital download upon purchase.