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The Oilfield Logix Series quantifies and forecasts the oilfield equipment and service markets of the total US and of each major US land regions.  For customers interested in an evaluation of just the US land oilfield equipment and service industry, this report is the right tool.

Clients subscribing to the Oilfield Logix Series will receive complete and revised market reports each quarter for one year.  In these years of huge change in the industry, Spears is committed to keeping clients up to date on commercial, technical and activity trends within the sector.

The Oilfield Logix Series is constructed in partnership with Oilfield Logix, LLC, an independent data mining company whose team of analysts are building a standardized, well-specific database of drilling and completion techniques for every US state with drilling activity. Spears merges the database with our firm’s extensive field interviews to build a 140-page analysis of each US land basin. The current series, which spans the years 2014-2018, includes the following analysis in each report:


  • South Texas/Eagle Ford
  • Permian Basin
  • MidContinent
  • Rockies
  • Bakken
  • East Texas/Haynesville
  • Northeast/Utica & Marcellus
  • West Coast
  • Gulf Coast/Other US

The Oilfield Logix Series includes detailed overviews of each basin’s oilfield equipment and service markets.  For example, here is a recent evaluation of the US land market’s drill bit segment:

The hydraulic fracturing market evaluation includes a look at proppant demand among other topics.

Clients of the Oilfield Logix Services receive a PowerPoint slide deck with all supporting tables and graphs for easy downloading.  The report is available for immediate download following purchase.