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Completion Equipment & Services

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Spears’ proprietary 125-page Completion Equipment & Services market report includes the tools and systems used downhole to handle a variety of jobs ranging from zone isolation and gravel packing to multilateral completions and well bore cleanout. This is a review and forecast of the global market, with a focus on some of the important trends emerging from the US shale regional market.

Clients subscribing to the Completion Equipment & Services Market report will receive complete and revised market reports each quarter for one year. In these years of constant change in the industry, Spears is committed to keeping clients up to date on commercial, technical and activity trends within the sector.

Equipment includes:  frac plugs; retrievable and permanent packers; bridge plugs; liner hangers; and all levels of multilateral completion. Also included are expandable tubulars, “intelligent” systems and their associated sensors and controls.

The current report tracks the completions market and its various subsegments since 2017 and forecasts each subsegment through 2020:


The global completion equipment and services market has changed substantially in recent years, driven by the increased use of horizontal drilling, longer laterals, and the associated use of multi-zone completion jobs. Global demand for completion equipment and services grew 23% in 2018 to $8.6 billion in response to continued gains in US drilling activity and will grow another 6% in 2019 on the back of improving international activity, even though US and Canada activity is down.

The report profiles the leading suppliers in the market, plotting and forecasting their completion-specific revenues from 2007 through the current year.  This allows investors, service companies and consumers of completion equipment to track the winners and losers within the completions equipment and services market:


The Completion Equipment & Services Market report covers the following topics:

·      Market drivers

·      Global oil and gas demand and supply

·      Oil and gas prices

·      Drilling activity by region

·      Completion equipment and services market size ($) and growth

·      Trends in operators’ completion practices

·      Regulatory and technological change

·      Profile of leading completion equipment and service firms

·      Revenues by company, 2007-present

Spears continues its extensive evaluation of multiple stage frac jobs in the US and the impact on demand for product/services such as wireline-deployed bridge plugs, frac sand and drill-out services:


Additionally, we have included a detailed discussion of the other drivers of the industry, such as cementing services, which impact demand for casing & cementation hardware, and the ever-increasing trend toward longer and larger horizontal laterals in the US:


The current edition of the completions report includes Spears’ initial evaluation of the dissolvables market, which has had a small impact on the composite frac plug market associated with multiple stage frac jobs.

The Completions Equipment & Service Market report is available for immediate digital download as a slide deck upon purchase. . The data driving most charts and graphs is embedded in each report.