Hundreds of different chemical additives are used during the lifetime of an oil or gas well to provide the necessary fluid properties required to cost-effectively drill, cement, complete, stimulate and produce a well. Demand for oilfield chemicals is driven by:

  • Highly-volatile drilling activity

  • Steadily-rising oil and water production volumes

  • Increasing use of environmentally-friendly products

  • Increasing focus on operating cost savings

The global oilfield chemicals market rose 30% last year to $18.2 billion and is forecast to increase 15% in 2018 in response to the rise in drilling activity.  In addition, the market is served by a supply chain consisting of hundreds of oil service companies and chemical manufacturers.

The Oilfield Chemicals Report is a quarterly report that tracks and forecasts the global oilfield chemicals market at both the service company and manufacturer level by sector (drilling, cementing, stimulation, and production) and by region.  It also profiles the leading service and manufacturing firms in each sector in terms of product capabilities. It is a useful planning and benchmarking tool for oilfield service firms, chemical manufacturers, investors and consultants.