The Outlook for US Oil Production

We project that US oil production growth will slow after 2018, and slow dramatically.  John and Richard unpack trends in Initial Productivity and investments in drilling to explain why. 

Oil Service Price Projections 

Overall well costs will rise about 15% from year-end 2017 to year-end 2018. Richard and John talk oilfield inflation and breakdown how price increases have been spread across different sectors. 

Is Frac'ing Good or Bad? 

The Spears brothers weigh in on frac. What wells are frac'd, since when, and for how much oil? Plus what does this mean in terms of dollars and jobs.

Oil Price Projections

The Spears brothers lay out the three factors driving the global market today. Plus, projections on US spot oil prices through 2019 and beyond.

3 Markets to Move on, Watch, and Avoid

As the oil market rebounds, John and Richard rank the three markets they’d invest in, the three to keep an eye on, and the three they wouldn’t touch.

The End of Frac Stage Pricing

Several frac companies including Halliburton and Cudd are starting to charge on a 'per-day' basis. John and Richard explain why frac pricing is changing, and how fast you can expect per-day rates to be adopted.