Serving the Oilfield
Since 1965


Standard Reports

Each year Spears publishes a series of standard, or off-the-shelf, reports that detail and forecast certain aspects of the upstream oilfield equipment & service industry. Some of these reports are published quarterly, some just once per year, but all are based on the firm's robust process of market research that has spanned decades. These reports include a drilling forecast (Drilling and Production Outlook), a quarterly drilling cost analysis (Drilling & Completion Cost Service), a market share/market size bible (Oilfield Market Report) and the newest series, which tracks US land equipment & service markets (Oilfield Logix series). Clients of each of these services include oil companies, service companies and the financial community.

Market Segment Reports

If your needs are a bit more specific, we have several focus areas where we have performed additional research. These "market-specific" reports are available as a one-time purchase.